Reacher Grabber – Whats Is It Used For?

Reacher grabber is a tool designed to help reach for and grab small things up to five feet away. With a weight restriction of up to 6 lbs, it is ideal for use in stores, while in hospitals, senior homes, laboratories, vegetable gardens and farms.

As well as applications of this tool include accessibility to hard-to-reach places such as high shelves, cleaning, pest control, interior decorating, yard maintenance, and handling objects otherwise not reachable by hand.

The easy reach grabbers provide an easy and efficient way of handling remote objects thus eliminating the need for ladders or the strain of bending down.

Why you need One

The application of these tools includes hard-to-reach locations like high shelves, wild life and pest control, interior and exterior decorating, and ground maintenance. They make possible the handling of objects otherwise untouchable, or unreachable by hand.

The Reacher tools for professionals provide an easy and efficient way of handling remote objects, thus eliminating the strain of bending down, or the use of ladders. The tools come in 4 different sizes: 20 inches long, 27 inches long, 42 inches long, & 60 inches long.


Reacher Grabber Reviews

The EZ Grabber

The original EZ Reacher is often referred to as a (grabber, nabber or a pick up tool) This Reacher grabber has been around for over 30 years so don’t confuse it with cheap imitations! It is still considered the most popular pick-up tool available due to its durable construction of non-rusting aluminum, spring stainless-steel mechanism and comfortable pistol-grip handle.

The sensitive rubber cups will pick up a dime or a brick and last a long time. These are available for easy replacement if ever required.

EZ Grabber Features

Comfortable, ergonomic grip handle

Locking feature that ensures safe, easy carrying of items

Lightweight Material

Durable aluminum construction that won’t rust

You will commonly see the tools being used along the highways to pick up nasty litter but the list of uses for Reachers is almost endless. They extend your reach for items on high shelves, under furnishings or in tight places such as behind a clothes dryer or even to pick-up sticks and debris in the yard! Murphy’s Law says that when you drop something it’s always going to go to the most inaccessible location!

Product Uses

  • Pick up objects without bending and stooping
  • Grab items without stretching and straining
  • Reach groceries or items high on shelves
  • Flip on light switches
  • Pick up dirty or soiled objects you wouldn’t touch with your bare hands
  • Hang holiday decorations
  • Open the medicine cabinet and grab medication bottles
  • Pick up shoes and clothes
  • Pick up tiny items, like pins or pocket change
  • Retrieve items under and behind furniture and appliances


The Palinko Reacher/Grabber

Palinko Reacher/grabber is an industrial quality user serviceable tool, strong enough to plug or unplug appliances with its solid cast sluminum jaws. These tools are built from 32 replaceable parts that is manufacture also.

Each product comes with a 5-year satisfaction warrantee, and the grabbers come in four different sizes in length: 1.5ft, 3ft, and 6ft, and a 6ft heavy duty which helps you pick up unsanitary objects without using your bare hands


How Do I Choose a Reacher?            

There are a vast selection of models and lengths from 20″ to 12 feet for many jobs! The heavy-duty EZ Reacher is by far the most known model used for picking up litter or debris. They will grab even a dime or a brick from the ground. The longer versions are often used to reach from mowers, in industrial applications or other special extended-reach needs.

The longer ones’ not always better as when you pick up something you also must be able to put it somewhere. We suggest using a yard stick or tape measure to determine how far you must reach, also considering the length of your arm.

The lighter weight Reacher are easy to grip and designed to used indoors. These are popular with the handicapped as some have locking handles and some models fold for travel or to carry in a wheelchair.

How to Use a Reacher